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Bangalore based techie gets corrupt Aadhaar operator blacklisted

Reported on November 28, 2016 from Bangalore, Karnataka  ι Report #19

Bangalore based techie Madhukar's complaint on IPaidABribe gets corrupt Aadhaar operator blacklisted

Madhukar was duped by the employee of an Aadhaar enrolment centre of Raja Rajeshwarinagar, Bangalore into paying registration fee for his card. When he realized that he was tricked, he highlighted the issue on IPaidABribe. Read what happened.

Madhukar B.V, who works for IBM had filed for Aadhaar Registration with the Aadhaar Kendra at BEML – 5th Stage, Raja Rajaeshwarinagar and had to pay Rs. 110 towards enrollment, which the operator mentioned as processing fees. Furthermore, when asked for a receipt, he was denied.

At the centre, Mr. U Naveen Kumar, the operator while registering him claimed Rs 110 as registration fee but refused to give a receipt and he unwillingly paid.

However, Madhukar smelt something fishy in the receipt-less manner the transaction was done and researched online to realize he was duped. The Centre had lied about the fee, as one is not required to pay for Aadhaar enrolment.

Regretting for being an easy victim of retail bribery, Madhukar posted his experience on IPaidABribe and warned others not to fall prey to such corrupt practices. Interestingly, he detailed his experience using his exact Enrollment number, which made it easy for tracking down the culprit.

The outreach team of IPaidABribe, headed by Dr. ST Ramesh, former DG of Police, Bangalore; immediately forwarded the complaint to the UID Vigilance and Director’s Office.

The UIDAI took action and promptly suspended the officer. Here’s an excerpt from their correspondence:

The operator Mr. U Naveen Kumar working for the registrar M/s CSC e-Governance Services India Limited has been blacklisted/suspended wef 19/09/2016 as per the UIDAI policy and the EA has been directed to initiate legal action against the operator at the earliest

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