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Techie gets corrupt Aadhaar enrolment centre blacklisted

Reported on October 19, 2015 from Pune, Maharashtra  ι Report #14

Deepanshu Garg was duped by the employee of an Aadhaar enrolment centre in Pune into paying registration fee for his card. When he realized that he was tricked, he highlighted the issue on IPaidABribe. Read what happened.

All Deepanshu Garg wanted was to help his wife Gayatri procure an Aadhaar card. So the techie went to the nearest Maha E Seva Centre near P L Deshpande Garden in Pune for enrolment.

At the centre, Vandana Nalawade, an employee while registering Gayatri claimed Rupees 100 from her as registration fee but refused to give a receipt and the couple unwillingly paid.

However, Deepanshu smelt something fishy in the receipt-less manner the transaction was done and researched online to realise he was duped. The centre had lied to the couple about the fee, as one is not required to pay for Aadhaar enrolment.

Regretting for being an easy bait of the tricksters, Deepanshu posted his experience on IPaidABribe and warned others not to fall prey to such corrupt practices.

The outreach team of IPaidABribe immediately forwarded the complaint to the UID Vigilance and Director’s Office.

In February, Deepanshu received a call from the UID vigilance office informing him that the Aadhaar card centre has been blacklisted and an investigation has been initiated.

In an interview with team IPaidABribe, Deepanshu says he is thrilled that his complaint was fast tracked and action was taken.

“Rupees 100 is a small amount for a person but just imagine the magnitude of corruption. Hundreds of people visit the centre every day and if Rs 100 is collected from each one of them, the profit is huge,” he says.

Though elated that that the centre was booked in Pune, he realised that his happiness was short-lived.

Sharing another bitter experience, he says that shortly after the incident in Pune, he moved to Delhi. He visited an Aadhaar card centre in Delhi to update his new mobile number where he was asked to shell out money to which he said a firm ‘NO’.

Deepanshu later got the mobile number updated by posting his details directly to the Aadhaar card regional office.

Though honesty is a longer route, Deepanshu prefers to tread on the path and contribute towards a corruption free India. “Corruption is rampant all over the country and can be tackled only if citizens voice out against corrupt practices,” he advises.

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