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Honest RTO officer protects people from being cheated by touts

Reported on March 22, 2017 from Mumbai, Maharashtra  ι Report #21

"We all are thankful to honest RTO officer S P Metrewar for rendering excellent bribe-free service"

“Don’t approach any agent for this,” said S P Metrewar, Deputy RTO Officer to Priya, an IPaidABribe user.

Priya had to relocate to Delhi from Mumbai, but she lost her bike’s NOC (No Objection Certificate) which was given by RTO Mumbai East some time ago. Situation was quite complicated as this NOC was given for Chennai and she never shifted there.

Helpless Priya approached RTO Mumbai East, Worli with very thin hopes. When she met S P Metrewar, he suggested an easy solution and warned her not to seek an agents help for anything. Her issue was resolved with a simple request to the authorities to cancel her NOC to Chennai and reissue NOC to Delhi. Priya was pleasantly surprised by this honest officer who not only resolved her issue but also guided here with subsequent processes of tax refund.

Along with Priya, many in general who visit RTO Mumbai East have the same positive opinion of Metrewar.

Click to read Priya's testimony.

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