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  • 10 years ago

How Passport Offices make money

Reported on December 24, 2010 from Hyderabad , Telangana  ι Report #33247

Well, most of the people reading this might already have an idea as to how the passport offices run each day. Hundreds of people fill in all kinds of applications and turn them into the passport offices. The cops roll into the scene couple of weeks later or maybe even couple of months later for their share. Whoever bribes the cop feels safe that his application will have a go ahead the same day or week. Whoever does not bribe or 'pays less' bribe has to wait longer so that the application be forwarded by that cop on the day he might feel little generous.
After the application is in the office, there is no way to tell when you might get the passport. Although they do mention the estimated ********** of issue on the status, it proves to be merely the ********** after which you would go and remind them that there is an application lying!! Not that the don't know it, but that they did not get anything so far. Around the passport office in almost every store there are 'agents' who can get you the passport inside a week if you can pay them 'well'. People who do not wish to resort to those paths and carry their hopes on the issue dates set by the office, walk into it day after day, week after week, month after month and in quiet a few cases year after year as well!!

A lot of times people just think of blowing up the whole **********building if they could, but also remind themselves of that tiny book that it holds with it which the need real bad.

People who have connections along the high ends of the police department or some MPs or MLAs would use them to get it inside a week, but for the not so lucky others who cannot afford to bribe the agents or offices face the reality.

Well i didn't have to pay because i did not need the passport any sooner. Although my Dad used a few of his connections and asked me to follow it, i ended up getting mine in 2 months, which by circumstances is quite faster. And if the citizens have to pay a bribe to get their passports then i hope not to see a day where they would ask for 'extra' bills to get me some groceries.--judging by the onion prices off late at 70/kg that day might well be near.

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