Do's and Dont's of application for an LPG connection

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Here are some basic rules that one must keep in mind while availing a LPG connection. 


  • Check the seal of the cylinder.
  • Check the safety cap. It should not have any cracks.
  • Remove safety Cap and check for leakage from the valve. Usually in case of any leakage from the cylinder valve, the safety cap will pop off at the time of removal. This can be further reaffirmed by placing your thumb on the cylinder valve.
  • Get the new cylinder connected with the hotplate and make sure that no leakage is observed. Have it removed, fit the safety cap on the cylinder valve and store it aside at a safe cool place.


One family can avail only one LPG connection and not have multiple gas LPG connections. There can be multiple gas connections for a same family in the name of 2 different people but only if they share separate kitchens. In case of multiple connections, it is better advised to surrender the rest. There are also cases where people opt for getting an illegal gas connection rather than a legal one since it is comparatively easier, and is less costly, too. Applying for a legal connection can be a nightmare because of the laziness and dishonesty of officials, as they routinely demand bribes. Illegal gas connections cause adjoining legal gas connections to suffer from weak gas pressure, as well as causing losses worth billions to the country. Hence it is advisable that you surrender the illegal gas connection with your distributor at the earliest and go for a legal gas connection through the steps which are discussed.

Avoid going Private!

In case of a private gas company, it is comparatively easier to get the connection. Even though privates companies such as Jyothi Gas, Total Gas exists, it is best advisable to opt for the government oriented ones to reduce cost and also accidents. It is not necessary that all the documents are to be submitted; few ask for simply the proof of identity and not address and vice versa. But booking one with them would certainly cost you double the rate of a government gas, about 3000 in total. If you have a Government Gas connection already in some place then you can transfer it to Bangalore by getting a Surrender Certificate from the place where you already have connection. 

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