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I too got my Fiesta registered by paying Rs 425---no bribes to anyone.

Reported on September 6, 2012 from Hyderabad , Telangana  ι Report #32775

I too got my Fiesta registered by paying Rs 425---no bribes to anyone. Mody Ford was charging Rs 2500 for the same, but they were also throwing a number plate free for that price. The number plate was of the Rs 300 type.

When I showed my reluctance to get it done by the dealer, they gave me all the docs I needed to show the RTA, including the life tax receipt that was already paid---I am happy that I did not have to pay that amount on my own, unlike the Bangalore guy who posted above.

The RTA, Khairatabad is located only 2 kms from my flat, and I visited that place on a Saturday to have a look at how things go on. Having got the hang of things, I returned on Monday morning at 10 am sharp and was 3rd in the queue at the new registrations counter. Only hitch was that the clerk came 40 minutes late.

Having got the receipt, I walked to the tree under which the cops were registering new vehicles. I approached the seniormost cop and asked him in English on what needed to be done.

"Have you brought your vehicle, sir?', he asked me. I said 'yes please, it is that red car', pointing to my car. He said ' please bring it here', and I did it promptly.

'No tints'?, he asked me? I said 'no sir'. He said 'good, now please show me the VIN and scratch this paper on it'. I knew that was the toughest. Soon after I bent down near the driver's door to remove the foot mat, he instructed a broker to do it for me. Some guy did it in 1 minute and the cop examined the documents I had given him to match the number.
He asked 'are you interested in any particular number?' I said, 'no, any number is ok with me'. He heaved a sigh of releif and said 'ok go ahead sir, we will mail the card to you and you will get it in a week'.
I left soon after that and it was 1105 am---so the whole process took only 20 minutes, apart from the 40 minutes at the cash counter.
I did not get my card however in a week, so I visited the RTA once again on my way to office. I found that my card was not mailed becuase I had not paid Rs 25 towards postage charges (I'd paid only 400, as mentioned in the counter, and there was no mention anywhere of Rs 25). So I paid it and showed the receipt to the despatch section, and they said they'd post it the same day.
I got it after 2 days, and in the process I am very happy. I spent another 600 on a good quality number plate. I also got a number that totals up to 9, though I never even asked for it.

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