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  • 8 years ago

The official realized that I didn't want to give bribe ....

Reported on May 20, 2012 from Hyderabad , Telangana  ι Report #32836

I had applied for passport renewal. Thanks to the new automated process, I quickly got my passport through mail. Later I got a call for police verification. The person who came for police verification was young around 30. And he kept asking me all the docs for verification, and I was ready with all of them. He even wanted to speak to my husband residing abroad as a check! I was sure not going to give him a chance to crib about any missing proof, so I called up my husband too. And then the passport official was persistent about voter id card. I told him that I have applied for voter id and Adhaar card, but am yet to receive it. So he was like then tell me madame what comments shall I fill in. And I told him I think I have given you all required proofs, you may add any comments you wish. Finally my uncle sensed that might be the official wants something to give a go green, so he offered him a small bribe around Rd. 300, which he termed as "Service Charge". But I was adamant, I didn't want to give it, so I told him pls do not give any money, I am ready to wait for the passport. But my uncle went near the gate and gave him the money, I had followed them, and was very disappointed and annoyed by the act. I was feeling very bad on having to pay the officer, but to my surprise, the officer returned and told me, madame I have returned the money, just wanted to let you know. That was very nice, so I thanked him for doing so :).

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