• I Paid A Bribe
  • 8 months ago

Bribe comes as a rescue in the life of a common man

Reported on May 17, 2018 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #182737

I paid a bribe just to avoid the heated discussion and prevent myself from the atrocities of the corrupt police officials in the country.

The incident took place in Bangalore city.
A Policeman has taken a bribe.
He had done it once, he might be doing it from a long time and will repeat again.
Exact address is:
In front of Manipal Hospital,
HAL Old Airport Road,
Bangalore Karnataka.

Three policemen were standing there.
I was returning from the Manipal hospital on a bike. There's a signal in front of exit to maintain an entry to the hospital and an empty space between the two roads. There's no sign of exit to cross the road but am empty space betwen the left and the right side of the road. When the signal stopped, I crossed through that empty space. I made sure that I should not block the traffic so I waited till the signal turned red. As soon as I crossed the policeman caught me and said you have broken a rule and pay Rs. 450 fine. Asked for license and other documents.
I had all the documents but still he is not allowing me to go and keep thrashing me about the rules. He asked me to show my wallet and saw 100 Rs note. Asked me to either give the money or he will not return my license and documents which he has taken without my consent.

My question is what should I have done?
I paid 100rs. I had a choice to fight for the right and I felt very bad when I didn't .
But the question is even after having every document, abiding by all the rules, I had to go through such an incident.
Am I expected to fight him, deny the money.
Whom should I go to for a complaint when the police itself is involved.
I also looked online for all the traffic rules and violations. Looks like the no. of rules are actually more than the number of traffic signals in the city. Most of them are very subjective. And guess what, who has the authority of making a call, The policemen. What to do if the lawmaker is only involved in breaking the law?

It's just one incident but I feel everyday every corner of the country, such incidents would be happening. What can be done for this. I need help. I need suggestions.

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