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  • 8 years ago

Head Constable(Munshi) asks for bribe to pass passport verification

Reported on September 13, 2012 from Patiala , Punjab  ι Report #886

I need a passport urgently. I had applied for passport on 10th Sep 2012.
Ideally, police officers are supposed to visit the place of stay of the applicant to verify address. I wanted the verification to happen quickly so I myself went to the nearest police station on 12th Sept(yesterday). There I was told to sign on a few papers. When all was done, he(the Munshi) said that we could go (I was with a few friends). When we were moving out, he called me. He made some odd gesture and I understood what he was getting at. I took my wallet out of my pocket and realized that I had just Rs. 100. I offered him that. He refused saying it was too less. Then he started telling me how good he had been to me by doing my work so quickly and without having anyone to visit my residence. He then told me that they don't take anything less than Rs. 500. I told him that I was a student and couldn't afford to pay him so much. He didn't agree. I borrowed Rs. 200 from my friend who was outside and offered him Rs 300. Even to that he didn't agree. At last I had to borrow Rs. 200 more from my friends and pay him Rs. 500.
If I hadn't paid him the bribe, he wouldn't pass my passport verification and getting my passport made immediately is just too important. This was the first time I had paid a bribe and I didn't really want to pay him that money. The authority with which he asked for the money ; it was the first time I saw someone exhibiting such shamelessness.

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