• I Paid A Bribe
  • 10 years ago

Robbery @ my Parents home

Reported on January 6, 2011 from Vellore , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #28934

More than 2 person broke into my parents house while they were on trip. They took all the electronics, silk sarees, some cash and destroyed locker, door locks. Police came in and took finger prints and left. During investigation police inspector demand white paper, pen, ruler (scale) and soft drinks/ coffee. After a while those thieves were caught by different police (karnataka) for different reason. They asked vellore - sathuvachari police to come for further investiagation. They recovered few items also. Police inspector demanded money to proceed further or forget the case. So I paid the money my parents were totally against bribing money to move the case. I did it thinking that they will do something about that. But its been more than 2 years since the incident. They didn't return any items and no improvement in the investigation. Because my father refused to pay more to get the recovered items back.

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