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  • 9 years ago

Tea/Coffee Expenses needed

Reported on June 13, 2011 from Deoria , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #7388

When i went to SP office. The clerk asked me to pay for Tea-Coffee charges. I did not understand that he is asking me to pay him some money. I calculated 3 rs for Tea and then being kind enough 4 rs for samosa's. finally i took rs10 out of my pocket. The complete scene changed after this. The police personnel started shouting bad words. and then one person told me the rate is Rs 700. as you are student you need to pay 500.

I went home to ask the money and came back and paid.
Same thing happened for LIU enquiry.. but this time i was smart enough so paid Rs 700 immidiately.

Even after this i did not get my passport. Went to Lucknow's Regional passport office. and there they sent it for reinquiry saying the police and LIU's details does not match with each other.

I end up in paying 2000 more for two more inquiries in next 6 months. But the passoport did not come.

Later i enquired in Lucknow office via one agent. He told me my file in pending with one clerk. He needs 3000 to clear it off.

I sent Rs 2500 via the agent. and this time with in a week i had my passport with me.

I learn that what they ask; we should pay without any delay and aksing much questions. As what could have been done in 3 months and Rs 1000; took 1.5 years and 6000+ *******

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