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  • 4 years ago

Traffic police took 500 Rs bribe

Reported on November 12, 2016 from Bagalkot , Karnataka  ι Report #133964

Hi, My brother who was suffering from nervous issue was going to see our grand father who was serious at near by town from Bagalkot. A traffic police caught him at the city outskit & asked for all the documents. He shown all the documents except PUC. For this he started asking Rs.1500/- as a fine. He told he will bring and show but Police did not listen Unfortunately he was having only Rs 700. His hands were shivering due to nervous damage & unable to take out even money from his pocket. Seeing this situation also he did not leave him & he took Rs 500. my brother was job less had lot of medical expenditure & he felt very bad after loosing 500 rs for next 3-4 days. Unfortunately my brother passed away in next 15 days after this event due to health issue. This police will suffer like anything, infact all the govt official who are corrupt. This police should get the right punishment from god.
Government should make some strict punishment against corrupt officials in India.

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